About Us

Started back in 1984, Boone & Crockett is celebrating its 31st anniversary! It all began when 6 guys who loved to hunt and fish were sitting around at the Tangier Shriner Center. They started discussing why Tangier didn’t have a club targeting the things they love to do. With that being said, they went to work on figuring out the details.
After a few weeks of planning, the name Boone & Crockett was decided on and around 12 men began this club’s journey. Over the years, it has seen its membership as high as 200 and currently 80 members strong. During this time, B&C has put on several events, fundraisers and dinners to raise money for the club. Some of these include; Pheasants Forever Dinners, White Tails Unlimited events and the Tangier Testicle Festival. Two of our events that are still going strong today are the B&C Walleye Fish Fry and the Boone & Crockett Wild Game Feed, which features many varieties of wild game based dishes.
With the money the club was making, it was decided in 1987 that all monies made would go toward buying the vans for our Tangier Shrine to transport patients to the Shrine Hospitals around the country. During the span of 31 great years, Boone & Crockett has purchased nearly 20 vans for our beloved Shrine. Our club prides itself on raising funds for this worthy goal and will continue to do so for many years to come!

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